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Six Reasons You’re Not as Creative as You Could Be

Years ago, I attended a writers’ conference. After my speech was over, I sat in on a talk given by a writing professor. And what she said has stayed with me ever since. A woman in the audience lamented that she wanted to write, really wanted to, but could never find the time. The professor’s…

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Inspiration for DIE FOR YOU

How well do you really know the man you married? My new novel DIE FOR YOU was inspired by the five weeks I spent in Prague during the summer of 2007.  I went for a vacation with my family, intending to take some time off between books.  But I was so inspired by that magnificent city, that the…

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Lessons From My Daughter

My daughter is smarter than I am.  She’s three.  I realized that I was outmanned and outgunned during a recent nap-battle.   She wanted to wear a large, pink translucent bucket on her head while she napped.  I objected, then compromised by leaving it on a near-by shelf.  A few minutes later, over the baby monitor,…

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