Inspiration for DIE FOR YOU

How well do you really know the man you married?

My new novel DIE FOR YOU was inspired by the five weeks I spent in Prague during the summer of 2007.  I went for a vacation with my family, intending to take some time off between books.  But I was so inspired by that magnificent city, that the pages just started flowing.  I had this sense of Prague as a city of secrets, a place of great beauty but with a dark past.  And it was that vibe that inspired DIE FOR YOU.

In¬†DIE FOR YOU, I introduce a new character named Isabel Raine. She’s a successful novelist, happily married for five years. She and Marcus, a brilliant inventor of high tech games, live an enviable life on Manhattan’s upper west side.¬†¬†She considers herself happy and her marriage is a good one, if not a perfect one.¬†¬†Then one wholly ordinary day, Marcus leaves for work and disappears into thin air.¬†¬†In the desperate search to find out what happened to him, Isabel realizes that the person with whom she shared her life was a stranger.¬†¬†She doesn’t even know his real name.

Everyone in DIE FOR YOU has a secret heart, a facet of his or her personality that they hide even from the people they love and trust the most.  DIE FOR YOU carries on a theme that I have found running through my work, a thread of domestic danger:  The person who has the most to hide, the one from whom you have the most to fear is often the person sleeping beside you.  It asks the chilling question: How well do we really know the people we love?

Isabel’s race to learn the truth about her husband takes her from bustling, glamorous New York City, to the twisting, murky streets of Prague. In her search, she is forced to confront shocking things about her husband — and herself.

I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Isabel as much as I did.¬†¬†And I hope¬†DIE FOR YOU¬†will keep you up well best your bedtime, turning the pages.¬†¬†And, as always, thanks for reading.