Beautiful Lies – New Paperback Release

Tomorrow is the mass market publication of BEAUTIFUL LIES. My first book writing as Lisa Unger, BEAUTIFUL LIES was an instant New York Times bestseller, published in 25 countries. It was a Booksense pick, and was chosen as editors as one of the best books of 2006. The trade paperback edition has just gone into its sixth printing. Amazing. I’m thrilled and grateful.

BEAUTIFUL LIES and SLIVER OF TRUTH, the story of writer Ridley Jones, came from a very personal and organic place. And her story parallels a lot of themes that were current to my life at the time. Both books are thrillers, of course, with lots of twists and turns and mayhem but Ridley’s story is also a coming of age tale; it’s the coming of age most of us experience in our thirties, where we realize that it’s not about where we came from, or what we did or didn’t get from our parents that makes our lives what they are. It’s about the choices we make – the little one, the big ones – that define the course of our lives. If you haven’t met Ridley yet, you might take this opportunity to get to know her.

The brilliant design company ( who created my amazing website created this killer video trailer (Click on "Watch Video About The Book") for BEAUTIFUL LIES! And there is also a podcast about the music that inspired me while writing the novel.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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  1. Douglas Nelson on April 28, 2008 at 11:50 am

    Lisa, I posted a review of Beautiful Lies recently on Goodreads.


  2. Douglas Nelson on May 11, 2008 at 11:31 am

    Well I need to be honest here, because this is a very, very special novel.

    I’ve actually had a signed first since it was published but it was always languishing away in my section of un-read books.

    When I registered all of my books at goodreads, the first message I got was from Lisa Unger thanking me for having bought her book.

    Wow did I feel embarrassed!

    So now I’ve read it and have to say, it’s sheer brilliance. Forget genres, sub-genres and all other labels. Don’t even glance at the recommendations on the cover { well do, but only after you’ve read Beautiful Lies }. This is a novel of the highest quality. The style of writing is a joy.

    The New Jersey research was painstakingly done. This I attest to because the setting for part of the novel is where I live, and I know enough of New York geography to know the same high level of research was conducted there.

    The premise of the novel? … Well for me that’s simple …. Nothing is ever what it appears to be.

    Basically the main character a privileged Ridley Jones performs an act of bravery in the streets of New York and from there her whole life unfolds.

    The novel moves seamlessly from the early 70s in New Jersey to New York today, back and forth, back and forth.

    It is so pleasurable to read this type of dialogue in such a seamless manner as opposed to the current trend of flashbacks. It’s a wonderful technique and Ms Unger handles this brilliantly.

    This novel even at it’s darkest moments, and there are some I assure you, there is always a glimmer of light or hope. This is often done by the author using a hint of humor and it really works.

    The ending, will leave you shaking your head knowing that you have just read something really special.

    As a summary, “Beautiful Lies” is exactly what this novel is “Beautiful Lies “.

  3. Roz McArthur on May 24, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    I’m sorry I ever opened this book. Came home from work. (Near midnight…long day.) Tired. Crabby. Ready for a refreshing 8 hours of zzzs. Started the book to lull myself into sleep. 7 hours later I’m still reading. Took a break to watch the sunrise. Can’t drink coffee so I’m keeping myself awake by tunneling through a 1.5kg bag of chocolate almonds. (The Costco handy snack size.) Snapped at my husband when he tried to interrupt by wishing me good morning. There should be a warning on the jacket…don’t start reading this if you have anything to do or anyone who wants to talk to you for the next 12-18 hours. Gotta go..the book is calling. Damn you, Lisa Unger.

  4. Melissa Swickard on June 13, 2008 at 11:49 am

    Dear Lisa,

    I am a voracious suspense/mystery reader who has been wanting to read something fresh and new, and something that totally would totally boggle my mind; Beautiful Lies did just that. It blew me out off the water and your cliff-hanging ending left me wanting more; you’ve accomplished what all of my English teachers used to preach!

    So, often when I buy a mystery book, I see the typical “It will blow your mind”, or “page-turner”, or “It will keep you up at night” on the book covers and I always take those words with a grain of salt. Beautiful Lies, however, did all those things for me and more. I read that book when I could have been sleeping, and TV? FORGET IT!!! and I even read it through two doctor visits. I was not putting it down until I got to the end.

    Which by the way, as much as I wanted to know what happened, at the same time I didn’t want Ridley/Jessie’s story to end (apparently my wish has been granted!); I loved her and the subtle humor you used throughout the book was priceless.

    I have ordered your other two books through Amazon, which I am not sure was a good thing, because I don’t want to wait to read more of your writing, and think I might just have to make a trip to B & N. I have about 20 other books written by great authors sitting in my bedroom waiting to be read, but first, I need to read your two other books.

    You have a wonderful gift, and I hope to see a lot more of your books!

    Thanks for sharing your talent!

    Melissa Swickard