Sliver of Truth Released in Trade Paperback.

Love hurts … sometimes it even kills.

When I finished my New York Times bestselling thriller Beautiful Lies, I didn’t think I’d hear from Ridley Jones again. I knew the ending wasn’t an easy one, but I figured: That’s life. Ridley lives to fight another day. Sometimes that’s the best we get.

But I soon realized she had a lot more to say. I simply couldn’t stop hearing her voice. Some of the unresolved issues at the end of Beautiful Lies didn’t rest as easily with me as I thought they would. So I continued Ridley’s story in SLIVER OF TRUTH. And even I didn’t expect there to be so much mayhem ahead. So, all I can say is: Buckle up. In SLIVER OF TRUTH Ridley realizes that life as she knows it has ended — and the trouble is just beginning …

SLIVER OF TRUTH just released in a gorgeous trade paperback edition. Inside you’ll find a reader’s guide, as well as an excerpt from my upcoming release BLACK OUT. It’s nice, the paperback release. It’s like having a baby without any labor pains – the book’s been written forever, you already know what people are going to say about it; very little stress involved. Unlike a new hardcover release which is like giving birth to a baby, without an epidural, in a cave somewhere in the third world. Stressful doesn’t begin to cover it.

But SLIVER OF TRUTH is out there, a lovely blue, on front tables of happy bookstores (virtual and actual) across the country – and the world, for that matter. And I wish them all well, hope each and every one finds a loving home.

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  1. Melinda and Belinda Scott on April 1, 2008 at 9:15 am

    We just wanted to say HI!! We can hardly wait for the book to come out. That is our birthday month too, May 29th.


    Melinda and Belinda