Am I Really Blogging About My Blog?

Currently, I blog the way I take supplements, that is to say infrequently but with great earnestness and optimism. I enjoy the idea of blogging, the concept that I might muse about the issues I face daily – the writing life, the mother-writer balance, the joys and pains of my chosen profession. Notes from the Margin seems a fitting title for this undertaking, since what happens off the page is at least as interesting in different ways as what’s happening on the page – for me, anyway. But I admit to a self-consciousness about this type of writing. I think to myself: Who cares? When I write a novel, I’m offering entertainment, escape, information; I’m giving my reader something. But isn’t blogging like asking you to watch me floss my teeth? What’s in it for you?

Well, you tell me. Starting sometime this month, with the revamping of my website that will take place to promote my upcoming thriller BLACK OUT (Coming May 2008), I’ll be blogging more often. My goal is twice a week, at least. Right now, I’m working on honing my focus, so that there is some common theme through my posts. But at the moment, I suppose my theme is: Me. My life consists of these various identities – mother, wife, writer and the person who isn’t any of those things (the one who likes to go kayaking ALONE, though of course she’s shamefully neglected). I’m fairly sure this is true for most of us, so maybe you’ll find something here to enrich, enlighten, or inspire you. I hope so. Check in for thoughts on life, motherhood, marriage, the craft of writing and the business of publishing, things I love (books, music, food, films), and the occasional rant. It will be embarrassingly personal; I’m sure I’ll regret at least half of what I write. Meanwhile, I have also started a new supplement regimen. I’m determined to keep up with it.

What I’m reading:

BLUE BLOOD by Edward Conlon

My favorite book for Ocean Rae:


Last movie I watched:

“Purple Violets”

Music of the moment:

Alberto Turco & Nova Schola Gregoriana

Gregorian Chants for Meditation

And PS – the discussion board on my website is DEAD. Mainly because I never went there and contributed to the discussions. Go figure. Right now going there is like showing up to a party and all the windows are dark, the porch light is out. You don’t even want to ring the bell. I’d love to reinvigorate this but I can’t do it without you. So if you post something on my board — comments, questions, thoughts — I’ll answer. I promise!


  1. Kira on February 8, 2008 at 8:31 pm

    I can’t wait to read more!