Raisins in my Palm

During the Great American Teach-In last week, I arrived a little early and caught the presentation before mine. A rabbi, the mother of one of the other students in the class, gave a presentation on mindfulness. Every kid (and adult) held a raisin in his or her palm while the rabbi asked the room to consider the journey of this one piece of fruit – from seed, to plant, to harvest, to production. She asked us to consider how many people were involved, how much energy was used, how far that raisin had to travel, who designed the box it was in, who stacked it on the shelves. And then finally, she asked us to hold the raisin in our mouths for a while – to really feel its ridges and valleys and taste its sugary flavor before swallowing. It was the best raisin I’d ever tasted. It made me think about how raisins are eaten in bunches, tossed in the mouth, rarely really noticed.

Silver Falchion Award Winner

Wow, this is exciting! IN THE BLOOD won the 2015 Silver Falchion Award for BEST NOVEL: Crime Thriller. I’m so grateful and would like to thank “Killer Nashville” for this honor. Congrats, as well, to fellow nominees and my writer pals who won in other categories, including Hank Phillippi Ryan, Catriona McPherson, John Sandford and other esteemed writers.

A Special Festival of Reading

My interview with Judy Blume was a dream come true! It went so fast, and I felt like we could have kept talking for hours! My daughter Ocean and her fourth grade language arts teachers and classmates were in the front row, which made it that much more special.  Here are a few photos from a truly unforgettable Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading!