Our Love of Books and Community

Last night I spoke at the brand new Manatee Performing Arts Center in Bradenton, Florida about my journey from aspiring to published writer, libraries, and early influences – including my librarian mom. The talk benefitted The Manatee County Library Foundation and it was a wonderful crowd of warm and engaging readers. I opened talking about my mother and her love of story, as well as her work in the Chester Library in New Jersey where I spent a lot of evenings doing my homework while she worked. I count her, and her love of books, as one of the major reasons I am a writer today. So, thanks Mom! And Happy Mother’s Day!

The Hollows

The Hollows is a very interesting and unique place. It started out simply as the setting, a fictional town I created, for my novel FRAGILE. But, over the years, it has become much more. Last week, I visited with one of my favorite book groups, run by the wonderful Pat Dowling at Clearwater Yacht Club. And one of the members, Kurt, had a very insightful comment and question about The Hollows. He said:

New York City Lights to Florida’s Sugar Sand for Love

The first place I ever loved was New York City. I had a very glamorous aunt who lived a fabulous life in a Park Avenue apartment, and from my very first visit, everything about the place—the buildings, the people, the noise, the smells—mesmerized me. As soon as I was old enough to know what I wanted, I knew I wanted to live there. And nowhere else. Ever. And so it was. I went to college in Manhattan, and after that, into publishing–the only real choice for an aspiring writer who needed a “real job.” And the years ticked by.  Continue reading at Tips on Life & Love!