Confessions on the 7:45 Series in the Works at Netflix!

Photo credit: Nino Munoz/Jackson Davis

Omg! I am beyond thrilled to share that this powerhouse team of mega-talented women, Golden Globe nominated actress Jessica Alba and Charise Castro Smith, writer & co-director of the Oscar-winning “Encanto,” will be at the helm of the Netflix series based on my novel CONFESSIONS ON THE 7:45.

What a dream team! I’m honored to have their amazing vision on this project. As it makes its way to the screen, you’ll be among the first to hear all the news and updates.

From Deadline:

“Alba, a working mom herself, had a strong reaction when she read Confessions on the 7:45, leading to her involvement in the project.

‘I could not put this book down. The moment I read the line if you want to keep a secret you must first hide it from yourself, I was hooked,’ Alba said. ‘This book is about trying to bury secrets and the shame we carry until the truth exposes us. I can’t think of a more exciting person to partner with on this project. Charise is so ridiculously talented and truly gets every nuance under the skin of these characters and their web of lies.’”

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