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Welcome to The Hollows

When I first started writing about The Hollows, I didn’t think very much of it. It was the fictional setting for my 2010 novel, FRAGILE, nestled someplace “up North.” It was near New York City geographically, but far from it in every other way. I envisioned it as a smallish town, the kind of place…

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I’ve always been willing to follow my characters wherever they wish to take me. And they’ve taken me down the rabbit hole into addiction, psychosis, fugue states, the full rainbow of emotion and dark circumstances. I consider myself as a spelunker willing to shimmy myself into the crevices of the psyche, headlamp on, prepared to…

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The Hollows

The Hollows is a very interesting and unique place. It started out simply as the setting, a fictional town I created, for my novel FRAGILE. But, over the years, it has become much more. A reader asked the following question: “To me, The Hollows is a symbol of the Universe. Does The Hollows act more…

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The Whispers at Midnight

At midnight, THE WHISPERS, the first in a series of three short stories featuring psychic Eloise Montgomery releases! Next month, THE BURNING GIRL will release, set ten years after The Whispers. And then in January, THE THREE SISTERS will be available, set ten years further still. I didn’t really plan it this way, it’s just how the stories…

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The Truth about Fiction

My blogger pal Erin Faye recently asked me an interesting question on Twitter.  When I sat down to answer her, I found I couldn’t do it in 140 characters.  Having just read DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND, she wanted to know if a restaurant in the novel, called Grillmarks, was a real place in New York,…

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Unlikely Friends

A long time ago I stopped thinking of characters as creations of my imagination, and started to understand that they are more like people who I’ve met along my colorful, complicated, ever-changing fictional journey.  They come to me as they are, with their own names, personalities and spirits.  Sometimes I love them, sometimes I endure…

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