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Chris Pavone and Lisa Unger, in Conversation

Inhabiting Character, Art Imitating Life, and What Publishing Jobs Taught Us about Writing Most of the time, authors are alone. To complete a novel, one must be comfortable with solitude. In fact, one must even be happy to log hours with head bent in silence, fingers to the keyboard. But on the other side of…

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Alex Segura Interview with Lisa Unger

I loved chatting with Alex Segura over on Do Some Damage! We talked about the germ for CRAZY LOVE YOU, Gregg Hurwitz, Jud Myers from Blastoff Comics, graphic novels, character, fiction vs. reality, my daughter’s love of comics, and more. From Alex Segura’s Interview: I like Lisa Unger’s books because they’re not conventional, they change things up and…

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Strand Magazine Interview with Lisa Unger

The following is my in-depth interview with The Strand Magazine, published in the Strand Magazine Issue 42: Spring 2014: STRAND MAGAZINE: So what is new from Lisa Unger this year? This year, my twelfth novel IN THE BLOOD released on January 7th. I have been on the road visiting with booksellers and fans from Key West…

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Liar, Liar

Why do people lie?  Let’s start with you.  When’s the last time you told a lie?  And I don’t mean a big one.  I mean a little one, say to protect a friend’s feelings, or to spare yourself embarrassment.  I consider myself an honest person, but I occasionally lie.  My daughter believes in Santa Claus…

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