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Ace Atkins and Lisa Unger, in Conversation

With a name like Ace, is there any chance you’re NOT going to be famous? A college football star, Pulitzer-Prize nominated journalist, New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of twenty-three novels including THE SINNERS, which just released. Ace Atkins is as down-to-earth, funny, and smart as he is talented. I caught up with him…

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Hurricane Relief – Top Thriller Writers Contribute a Flurry of Books!

Hurricane Relief – Top Thriller Writers Contribute a Flurry of Books! It’s no joke, of course. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have done deadly damage in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. We in the Tampa Bay area were braced for a direct hit when the storm shifted and we were spared the worst of it.…

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Tough Women

Lisa Unger knows a thing or two about strong women, In her new book, THE RED HUNTER, these women are fighters, warriors, and survivors. They’ve been knocked down and pick themselves up again and persevere. So in honor of Women’s History Month this March, Lisa discusses below how these charters came to be and how everyday…

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A Special Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading

My interview with Judy Blume at the 2015 Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading was a dream come true! But, it went so fast, and I felt like we could have kept talking for hours! My daughter Ocean and her fourth grade language arts teachers and classmates were in the front row, which made it…

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