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2015 TBBCA Charlie Hounchell Art Stars Scholarships

Tampa Bay pals, do you know a talented young writer? I’m thrilled to be judging the Literary Arts entries for the 2015 TBBCA Charlie Hounchell Art Stars Scholarships. Charlie was a dear friend and I love being able to honor him by helping a young writer follow his or her dreams.

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Poetry is Power

  Last year, I wrote a guest blog about Brookwood, a St. Petersburg, Florida group home for abused adolescent girls.  I visited with the poetry group (started by a wonderful, giving woman by the name of Jeanne Chase) and had a truly remarkable night talking with these young writers. That visit led to Jeanne Chase…

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Drawn To The Dark

I was drawn to dark and frightening books — much to my parents’ dismay.   I loved to be scared. And my parents never sought to censor what I read; if I could reach a book on their shelf, and decipher the words within, it was mine.  So I read (avidly, voraciously) books wildly inappropriate…

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The Power of Story

The power of story. Last week, I had the opportunity to visit with some terrific young writers who live at Brookwood Florida, a group home for girls, in St. Petersburg.  It was an amazing evening, and an honor to spend time with this funny, smart and talented group of girls. Today, I have shared my…

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Read Women

Before writers are anything, we are readers. Those early books we held in our hands, the ones our parents read to us, they formed us.  And I often think about that as my husband and I, both readers, read each night to our daughter.  Books are such a gift, doorways into other worlds, other minds. …

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Books That Changed My Life

Late last year I was asked to write a piece for The Sun-Herald in Victoria, Australia about the books that changed my life. I have loved so many types of books since I was a child that I found this very difficult – as though I’d been asked to say which people in my life…

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