Release Date: 2004

Acclaimed artist Julian Ross has just been found standing over her husband’s bloody corpse in their New York City apartment. Julian claims that she slept peacefully beside him while he was violently stabbed in their bed. But police are skeptical, especially since Julian’s first husband was killed and mutilated in exactly the same way. Julian turns to the tough-as-nails crime writer Lydia Strong, who plunges into the case with her signature grit and the help of her partner, P.I. Jeffrey Mark.

Meanwhile, Lydia learns that Jed McIntyre, the serial killer who murdered her mother, is on the loose in New York. McIntyre is out for Lydia’s blood, and his presence forces her to confront the evils of her past while solving her toughest murder case yet.


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"Lydia is a refreshingly down to earth character."
St. Petersburg Times

"A steadily developing series... with a strong central character."

"Dark, disturbing and hideously exciting. I will have to take my teddy bear with me to bed tonight, and doubt I will get this frightening set of twisted characters and the malign gothic town they come from out of my head for days."
—Perri O'Shaughnessy, New York Times bestselling author

"Gothic horror, hints of incest and the isolated denizens of those tunnels combine to make this a compelling and creepy suspense novel."
January Magazine

"Readers can tell that author Lisa Miscione has been steeped in the classic formula of mysteries - Agatha Christie, PD James and even Arthur Conan Doyle. Underlying her fresh writing style and modern, real characters is the outline of the classic whodunit."
—Mystery Scene Magazine

"Lydia Strong and Jeffrey Mark are back in Miscione's third outing featuring this vibrant NYC PI this enthralling and gritty thriller...Definitely a tale that will easily hold the reader's interest, this comes highly recommended."
—New Mystery Reader

"The plot takes a couple of suprising twists that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Definitely a pager turner."
—Rendezvous Magazine

"Another assured outing in this solid, highly readable series... Again in TWICE and seen before in THE DARKNESS GATHERS and ANGEL FIRE, Miscione succeeds in the strength of the character development. She has allowed a dark, haunted Lydia the ability to grow and find a peace within herself... all the while remaining true to her character’s tough, smart, bitchy, focused self. I enjoy and admire this author’s refreshing and gutsy character development choices."
—I Love A Mystery Newsletter

"Wonderful book! Loved it!"
—Book Carnival

"An exciting story with terrific plotting and an authentic voice."
—Mysteries To Die For


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