The Darkness Gathers

The Darkness Gathers
Release Date: 2003

Fresh from a tour promoting her last case, reclusive true crime writer Lydia Strong receives an anonymous cry for help, begging her to find and protect Tatiana Quinn, "and all the other girls in need of rescue." Maybe the plea strikes close to her heart; maybe her investigator's intuition starts buzzing. She takes it on.

But this simple case of a missing teenager soon becomes much more. Someone wants Lydia to drop the case, someone powerful, someone anxious enough to engineer the re-appearance of one of Lydia's first--and most dangerous--adversaries. Now, in addition to tracing the roots of Tatiana's disappearance on a trail across the country and eventually overseas, Lydia must find the man who wants her dead, his unfinished business from years ago.


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"Tough but tender — a harrowing ride in the company of Lydia Strong, one of my favorite new characters, by one of my favorite new writers."
—Lee Child, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Jack Reacher series

"Once in a while a mystery novel appears that has everything you want and more: gutsy, complicated characters, a rocket-paced story that hardly gives you time to catch your breath, and twists and turns you never see coming. This is that novel...The Darkness Gathers is flat-out terrific."
—Margaret Coel, New York Times bestselling author

"Miscione appeared on the thriller scene a year ago with the widely acclaimed Angel Fire and should garner equally enthusiastic reviews for her soars"
—St. Petersburg Times

"The second in Miscione's series featuring true-crime writer Lydia Strong is a winner...An exciting story enriched by a glamorous writer-heroine who carries a Glock and knows how to use it."

"Fast-paced mystery...The tension is palpable."
—Albuquerque Journal

"Taut and suspenseful."
—Cleveland Plain Dealer

"The Darkness Gathers is a compelling read with an interesting storyline. The author's portrayal of sexual slavery and the Albanian situation is edifying as well as disturbing..."
—Knoxville News-Sentinel 

"Complex protagonists, intense prose, and atmospheric descriptions combine to make Miscione's second fictional outing a solid and satisfying read"
—Library Journal

"The author, who lives in Clearwater, has a thorough understanding of the vagaries of South Florida. And Miscione delivers some action-packed scenes, especially a few creepy nights in Manhattan and a chilling visit to Albania."

"This is a great second novel...The suspense is almost unbearably intelligent thriller, and the love story between Lydia and Jeffrey adds a poignant and beautiful relief to the omnipresent evil that pervades the rest of the pages. We can't wait for the third."

—New Mystery Reader Magazine

"Another fantastic page-turner...Miscione knows how to take an idea and make it extraordinary!"

—Book Review Cafe

"The intensity of the suspense of this novel is overwhelming with the surprises the author has in store for the reader. It will lead to sleepless nights and a sense of moral outrage when what the evil men do is exposed. The Darkness Gathers is a powerful novel."

—I Love A Mystery Newsletter

"A superior thriller…complex and violent - think Faye Kellerman. Miscione, however, being a younger woman, has a younger woman's sensibility and brings a real youthful vitality to her writing. She also has more of a noir sensibility."

—Aunt Agatha's Bookstore

"Lisa Miscione paints a wonderful portrait of the places in the book, rich and authentic. She has a wonderful way with characters and plotting as well. The book moves forward gaining momentum like a boulder rolling downhill. A great read and a book I highly recommend."

—Mystery One


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