Die for You

Die for You
Release Date: 2009

Isabel Raine thought she had everything—a successful career, a supportive family, and a happy marriage. Then one ordinary morning, her husband, Marcus, leaves for work and never comes back. She spends the day frantically calling his cell phone and his office, but receives no answer. After a dramatic raid at his office in which she's knocked unconscious, a homicide detective shows up wanting to question her about Marcus Raine—the real Marcus Raine.

Now the only thing Isabel knows for sure is that her husband of five years is gone. Where is he and who is he are questions no one seems able to answer. But Isabel will not rest until she discovers the truth about the man she—including her own life.

Fans of modern domestic suspense will devour this roller coaster ride from glamorous New York City to the twisted streets of Prague, seeking an answer to the question: What if the man you love, the one sleeping beside you, is a stranger?


A light snow falls, slowly coating the deep-red rooftops of Prague. I look up into a chill gunmetal sky as the gray stones beneath me are already disappearing under a blanket of white. There's a frigid hush over the square. Shops are closed, chairs perched upside down on cafe tables. In the distance I hear church bells. A strong wind sighs and moans, picks up some stray papers and dances them past me. The morning would be beautiful in its blustery quiet if I weren't in so much pain—if I weren't so cold...

Awards and Honors

  • Today Show Top Summer Read
  • Good Morning America Top Summer Read
  • Parade Magazine Top Book Pick
  • Good Housekeeping Top Book Pick


"The story unfolds layer by layer, revealing gasp-worthy details and clues from characters that form a thrilling chase for answers."
Miami Herald

"Unger's new thriller is a roller-coaster ride from New York City to Prague and back ... A taut, elegant and yet well-grounded thriller with an assortment of fully-drawn and thoroughly believable characters."
Sarasota Herald-Tribune

"Unger often plots her bestselling books around issues of identity, mistaken, hidden or forgotten. She gives it another fresh spin in Die For You ... in a fast-paced cinematic style ... She deftly intensifies the tension by showing us one character who knows something another urgently needs to know, and by cutting back and forth between flashback and present tense."
St. Petersburg Times

"Unger keeps the emotional level high ... While the plot is filled with danger and intrigue, Die for You's personal story about one woman makes the stakes that much higher."

"This is not a book you can put down easily ... It's a great ride."
Tampa Tribune

"Hollywood could make an action-packed and scenic movie from Die for You."
Fayetteville Observer

"The basic plot of DIE FOR YOU --- a woman learns that her husband is not who she trusted him to be --- probably sounds like nothing new. In Lisa Unger's capable hands, however, this plot line goes far beyond mere thriller territory and into somewhere excitingly different ... People are not always who they seem, Unger's novel resolutely declares, and with rich characterization and suspenseful plotting, readers will be swept up in her world --- and in this unsettling idea --- from start to finish."

"This is killer suspense, the pacing is just relentless, and the story is intense until the shocking ending. Unger just keeps getting better and this is her best book yet."

"Unger has proved herself to be a master of pacing and suspense and DIE FOR YOU is no exception, in fact it is the most nerve wracking hand wringing book I've read by her to date. This truly is edge of your seat action and my whole body was tense while I read. BUY THIS BOOK!"
Crimespree Magazine

"Die For You tells the story of your worst nightmare: do you think you know the person you love? Do you really? Lisa Unger writes with sharp psychological insight and bone-deep understanding of her characters. This novel is almost unbearably thrilling."
—Luanne Rice, New York Times bestselling author

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