Best Mystery Series To Read Right Now

The Hollows - Best Mystery Series - BookBub

The Hollows is named one of the “13 Best Mystery Series To Read Right Now” on BookBub. Honored to be included on this list of stellar series along with some amazing authors, including Stephen King and Robert Galbraith (J.K. Rowling).

“Most mystery book series focus on central characters — the detective who solves the crime, or someone in their circle who observes and reports. Unger has taken a different approach, making the pivot around which everything happens a place — the Hollows, a fictional upstate New York town. Characters recur in these novels, but even the local detective, Jones Cooper, is only a main character in the first novel, Fragile, and is relegated to a supporting role in later books. That leaves Unger free to bring new characters to the fore each time, expanding The Hollows and deepening its history. The result is a unique approach to mystery that doesn’t skimp on the surprises.” (From BookBub)

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