What Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar Can’t Live Without

Wow! Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about my books, including THE STRANGER INSIDE, in New York Magazine! What an amazing way to start the new year!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

“I’m an obsessive book reader; I’ll pull out a book wherever I can. I travel so much, too, and I used to carry all these hardcover books in my suitcases. Now, to be able to have so many selections [on my Kindle] is such a gift. I just discovered a new-to-me author, Lisa Unger, and I’ve been going through her works. I love a good psychological thriller, and I like that her books have an underlying theme and pose a question that she argues both sides of. I always think it’s interesting when an author can make me hear a side of something that I totally disagree with, but understand the logic and reasoning behind. I also just read The Stranger Inside. It’s a really interesting dissection of the cycle of violence.”
—Sarah Michelle Gellar

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