Booklist Mystery Month Exclusive | You're Doing It Right

Booklist Mystery Month Exclusive. Gregg Hurwitz and I were supposed to disagree, in print, on some topic — any topic! — for Booklist.  But we couldn’t find anything to argue about!

You’re Doing It Right: Gregg Hurwitz and Lisa Unger Have a Meeting of the Minds
By Keir Graff
I was excited when thriller authors Gregg Hurwitz (Don’t Look Back, 2014) and Lisa Unger (Crazy Love You, 2015) agreed to engage in authorial combat for the latest installment of “You’re Doing It Wrong.” Because they’re friends who bonded on a book tour of Australia, I was sure their time trapped in small spaces would have produced some good grist for disagreement, whether about writing and literature or someone’s inability to stop crinkling candy wrappers. But the more we searched for a suitable topic, the more these two best-selling writers agreed upon! (Before I knew it, they were exchanging compliments, for crying out loud.) It was about this time that I had an epiphany: agreement can be interesting, too. Read on as Hurwitz and Unger discuss writing craft and marketing concerns, koala bears and sacred cows, and readers’ *&%^$#@!! complaints.