Lana Granger | In the Blood

I am always excited, nervous and full of anticipation as each release draws near. And I’m as breathless about my twelfth novel as I was about my first. So, I wanted to be the first to tell you a little bit about the new book that will release in Jan. 2014.


In the Blood


Lana Granger, the protagonist of IN THE BLOOD, is a liar. She has told so many lies to so many different people, including herself, that she’s not even sure she knows who she is anymore. She has wrapped herself beneath a cloak of secrets, and it’s been working out pretty well for her. But as her college graduation draws near and the money in her trust fund is dwindling, she needs to find a job. She has to emerge from the cocoon of academia and into the real world. But what is a psychology major to do with herself? When a part-time babysitting gig falls into her lap, she thinks it might be a good fit. So what if her charge Luke Kahn is a troubled boy whose own mother seems afraid of him? Lana has had some problems of her own, so she figures maybe in her Luke will meet his match. But it turns out that Lana is about to meet hers. When her best friend Beck goes missing, Lana’s cloak of lies starts to unravel. And Lana is forced to confront her true inner nature, unsure suddenly if she is predator or prey or something in between in Luke’s twisted little games.

The release of IN THE BLOOD marks a new chapter for me as I have moved to Simon & Schuster/ Touchstone Books — a fantastic place, populated by truly stellar, creative and passionate people. But it’s also a kind of homecoming, as I am reunited with BEAUTIFUL LIES editor Sally Kim with whom I’ve had such an important creative relationship. So, it feels all new and so familiar all at once. In either case, the release of IN THE BLOOD is another step on this wonderful, crazy, colorful literary road I’ve been traveling. Thank you so much for being with me every step of the way.

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