It Doesn’t Get Old

Last week I received the galley (an early proof for reviewers) of my upcoming book DIE FOR YOU, which will publish in June 2009. It’s beautiful – another stunning cover from the folks at Random House. And when it arrived I was washed over with the same sense of thrilled excitement and gratitude as I was when I received the galley of my first book. Holding it in my hands, I was reminded that this is the only thing I ever wanted to do with my life. I am so grateful that I was able to find my way here.

I remember when I told my grandfather that my first book was going to be published, he said, “Lis! You did it!” It was an acknowledgement that my years of writing and dreaming and trying to get published meant something – to him, to me. My grandfather is gone now, but whenever I have one of those moments, like holding the galley of my next novel, I think: “You did it!”

Make no mistake about it. The writing life has its very hard days, like anything we do that means something to us. There are as many crushing lows as there are dizzying highs. As many agonizing failures, as there are soaring successes. And the road to this place was a long one. So it’s easy sometimes to lose sight of gratitude for a moment or two. Okay, sometimes a day or two. But I generally try to snap back pretty quickly, remembering that there were days when I didn’t think I would get here at all.

Without my supporters, readers, friends and booksellers, I wouldn’t have. So as the holidays descend and we are all swept away in the buying, wrapping, sending, preparing for guests or for travel, I’d like to take a deep breath and say, “Thank you.” Thank you for reading, for spreading the word, for your comments, for showing up at my book signings, and for just staying in touch with me. It means the world to me to have this fellowship with my readers.

In the weeks ahead I may say a word or two about the upcoming book DIE FOR YOU. I know, it would be nice for me to tell you what it’s about right now. But I wouldn’t be doing my job unless I kept you in suspense. (Insert maniacal laughter here.) Until then I’ll be dwelling in a place of gratitude that I am always thrilled, always excited when I see my books on the shelf, or when I hear from someone who read and took the time out to share his or her thoughts. It just never gets old.

I wish you all the very happiest of holidays, filled with love, laughter and friendship. I hope you are surrounded by people whom you adore and who adore you, and that you experience a bare minimum of family dysfunction. And I hope the year ahead brings you every happiness and success. You deserve it. You really do.


I’ve already forgotten by reusable shopping sacks twice since my resolution! But once I just piled everything into the stroller. The other time – for shame! – I took the plastic bags. But I’ll reuse, then recycle!

What I’m reading:

Dark Banquet/ Bill Schutt

Ocean’s favorite book:

The Very Grouchy Lady Bug/ Eric Carle