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Reading Groups

I really love book clubs and reading groups. Why? Because readers are my favorite kind of people – and not just because they buy books! The reason is that before I am a writer, I am a reader. I find this to be true of most writers. Books were my first love, my first passion. And at an early age, through reading, I realized that if someone else out there was creating these amazing stories that so inspired and fascinated me…maybe I could do it, too.

That was the beginning of my own personal dream that I have been pursuing ever since.

Some folks think people turn to books to escape life. But readers and writers know that’s not the case. A great story isn’t a way to escape life, as much as it is a way to understand life. That’s why book groups are so great. When we get together and talk about a book, what we are really doing is talking about life – people, places, motivations, love, mystery, ourselves. Life can be a bit of a mystery, and sometimes we need each other’s help to figure it all out. Reading groups are a great, not to mention fun, place to do just that.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy discussing my novels!

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