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I was recently interviewed for a major magazine and one of the questions concerned my favorite authors. Space being what it is in these things, this part of my answer didn’t make the final cut:

Some of my favorite contemporary writers in the genre are Tess Gerritsen, Harlan Coben, John Connolly, Lee Child, Lisa Gardner, Margaret Coel, Jeff Abbott, and Joseph Finder – I could go on … Okay, I will! I have read just about everything Stephen King has ever written. Patricia Highsmith and Ruth Rendell have achieved a sort of goddess status in my mind.

I mentioned these authors because these are people with amazing talent who have provided me with sleepless nights, inspiration, and just pure awe at their raw ability to weave a terrific tale. Naturally, when it came time to seek out some blurbs, these were the people to whom I turned. Some of them I’d had occasion to meet at conferences, some of them were strangers to me. All of them were amazingly gracious, reached out a hand to me, and offered their support. I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I am humbled by their kindness.

Recently, Tess Gerritsen, one of my all-time favorite writers, went above and beyond. In a new partnership between International Thriller Writers and some major, bestselling thriller writers were asked to pick an author to whom they think readers should be paying attention.. Tess wrote about me and about BEAUTIFUL LIES (See article). I am a sap, as we all know, so I’m not embarrassed (okay, I’m a little embarrassed, but what the heck) to say that I got a little teary when I read what she wrote.

Tess Gerritsen is a person one cannot help but admire. Not only is she a fantastic writer and a huge international success — she’s also a mother, a doctor, and a brilliant, funny, warm person. In her Breakout Thrillers piece, she writes about how we met first in Florida and then again at another conference in Virginia. But of course she can’t know that I was totally star struck on meeting her until she put me completely at ease by just being the lovely, genuine, wide- open person she is. I was thrilled to meet her, even more delighted to get to know her. And I am beyond grateful for all of her friendship and support.

Tess also writes a fantastic blog about the industry. It is in turns wise, funny, and completely honest about all the highs and lows of working in this business as an author. If you want an inside look at the business, check it out. If you want to pick up a book that will keep you up all night, riveted by suspense and great characters, pick up literally any Tess Gerritsen novel. But cancel whatever plans you thought you had and order a pizza for dinner. They don’t call her a master of suspense for nothing.

Thanks, Tess.

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