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Tess Gerritsen and Lisa Unger, in Conversation

Ghosts, Guns and Dark Places I am a long-time fan of New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen.  Not just because she’s a superstar writer, but also because she’s a truly lovely and generous person.  She took time out of her crazy busy schedule to spend a week as my pen pal!  What started off…

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I’ve always been willing to follow my characters wherever they wish to take me. And they’ve taken me down the rabbit hole into addiction, psychosis, fugue states, the full rainbow of emotion and dark circumstances. I consider myself as a spelunker willing to shimmy myself into the crevices of the psyche, headlamp on, prepared to…

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The Whispers at Midnight

At midnight, THE WHISPERS, the first in a series of three short stories featuring psychic Eloise Montgomery releases! Next month, THE BURNING GIRL will release, set ten years after The Whispers. And then in January, THE THREE SISTERS will be available, set ten years further still. I didn’t really plan it this way, it’s just how the stories…

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Short stories series featuring Eloise Montgomery and more!

I just completed a series of short stories set in The Hollows and focusing on one of my favorite characters psychic Eloise Montgomery. I am so excited about these three short stories that will release this fall.  I have been really wanting to spend more time with Eloise, and delving deeper into what has formed…

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